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Featured Art

As a master shaman-artist, Timothy's yarn paintings are featured in art collections worldwide. His 1987 fourteen-piece "Circle of Angels" series can be seen at Rancho la Puerta resort, where he remains artist-in-residence.

These featured artworks are Timothy's largest and/or most detailed:

They have a high level of conceptual construction, telling a compelling story in a highly symbolic manner.  They are representative of themed sets of artworks which may have already been sold out to collectors.

Contact Timothy to learn more about the story told by these featured artworks, or to inquire if there are any related pieces available for sale.  Selected featured works are available for show or purchase.

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Rock Art

Ravens were at work
Showing Coyote the basics…

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Dancing The World Awake

Before there were mountains.
Before there was earth to stand on…

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Grandmother Corn Skirt

Quetzalcoatl wears feathers
Of corn leaves and ears of maize…

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Wink of the Moon

Magic midnight clouds
Whisper aloud…

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Precious Flower

Daughter of this world
Her reflection upon the water…

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Twin Worlds

Twin Worlds who chance to meet
Between dreams and recollections…

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Golden House

Open Hands reaching out
Open ears listening within…

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Spirit Animals

The, Spirit Animals,
first danced in the night sky…

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Four Waters

Four Waters is in honor of
Tlaloc’s legendary four types of rain…

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King of Tides

Through an hourglass
Sea sands forever slowly slide…

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Ready to find out more?

Contact Timothy about purchasing his unique, contemporary folk art.

(You can also buy supplies, or schedule a workshops or presentation.)