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Dancing The World Awake

THEME Coyote Series
SIZE 41 x 37
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Before there were mountains.
Before there was earth to stand on
Raw rain and thunderbolt fell from the sky. The oceans filled brimming forth splashing and churning deep as midnight with out edges or form.

Across the heavens ran Star Silver Fox Woman. She was lonely so she placed in her spirit song a prayer for a companion. Across the heavens ran Star Golden Coyote Man. He too was lonely and saw in his spirit vision another who already shared the same path and that they would meet un expectantly.

In song of the heart they were drawn to each. Star Silver Fox Woman spoke.
“I have an artistic proposal: That we dance Rain. That we dance thunderbolt.
That we dance Comet tail. That our paw prints be clouds.
We two will compliment as water joins water as one. we will imitate creation.”

Star Golden Coyote Man, said, ”Yes we will imitate creation. Step after step each paw print into the next. We will dance upon the Sea.” As they twirled. As their tails sailed around them. The Sea rose up to listen. The Sea rose up all at once to join in the dancing. Soon Coyote and Fox were leading the Animal Boulders in conducting their ceremonies. So strong their spirited dancing became that their dance floor was Earth. Fox and Coyote hooted and spun on their heels as their open arms reached tall as mountains. Their playful hearts filled with the joy of companionship to become laughing streams, bending trees and flowers filled with bees.

It is such now… But a dream. It is… But it could just as easily slip away.
Only when we carry their Prayer, placed into a Spirit Song, do we believe this dream. Carry it within our hearts. Carry it in the sparkle of our eyes.

Only when we honor the life in all beings. Always to remember that we are imitating creation and joy. We are of this Earth in her dreaming. We her children must adore and protect her.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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