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Timothy Emerson Hinchliff

Timothy grew up in Fallbrook, a small town north of San Diego, when avocados still covered the hills. His father found beauty in his garden and expressed himself through the arts. His mother, an anthropologist, had a lifelong love of Mexican art. He received an A.A in Fine Arts at Cabrillo College,CA. He is currently artist in residence at Rancho La Puerta in Teacate, Baja California, Mexico.


In 1974, Timothy bought an old style Huichol yarn painting in Tepic, Mexico. He was inspired by a film produced by legendary ethnobotanist Peter Furst called "to Find Our Lives" featuring Ramon Medina Silva, a Huichol shaman artist. Ramon is recognized as the innovator that incorporated ancient symbolic representations of the gods and Huichol life into a more recent art form, yarn painting.

From Huichol Tradition to Contemporary Folk Art

Timothy set out to learn this beautiful Huichol craft. He experimented with beeswax and piñon pine sap mixtures to spread on boards and intuitively embraced the technique of pressing yarns into the wax to create designs.

Timothy learned through his readings of Huichol tradition that yarn painters undertook lengthy apprenticeships to develop their talents. A core part of their inner courtship of the old gods was the vision quest; to dream on long nature walks and to be connected to the sacredness of Nature. This became Timothy's practice and his life's creative expression; to retell their stories through sacred art.

Treasured by Collectors

His work is in art collections worldwide and Timothy is recognized as a master shaman artist.

In 1987 Sarah Brightwood found Timothy and set him to work on the fourteen "Circle of Angels" yarn paintings for the newly built dining hall at Rancho La Puerta. These yarn paintings are based on the teachings in the Essene Gospel of Peace by her father, Edmond Szekely. For thirty years Ranch guests have been inspired by these works.

Artist in Residence / Workshops

In the same year, Deborah Szekely found sudden magic in a set of, prayer arrows, that she received as a gift from Timothy. This led to weekly prayer arrow classes at the Ranch.

On Thursdays and Fridays find Timothy at work, as if in his own studio during lunch in the Dining Hall. You can visit the many exhibitions of his art around the Ranch and at Bazar Del Sol which are available for purchase.

About Votive Arts and the Artist

Offered, dedicated,

Performed in accordance with a vow. Often as an act of veneration or of gratitude for a favor granted, as in a working relationship with guidance of a muse or spirit force.

As Ramon Medina Silva offered on this subject, and as I absorbed the meaning as, “We offer all our affection and adoration for the beauty that bring tears to our eyes. Our Mothers of Earth Our Mothers of the Waters, Our Grandfather Fire and our celestial Father of Sun; If not for your sacrifice of sustenance we would never have found life and direction.

As an artist

One must have a platform, a foundation to begin this discourse
Creation stories, world origin stories and the setting of the stage of the archetypal players.

A vow of

A truthful exploration and dedication to ones work to fulfill the obligations to inspiration. One of the definitions of the Shaman, is a technician of ecstasy thus the artist
is the guide into the dimension that holds spirituality, love and participation with the creative flux of the moment.

The Song

Carries the seed, the pure emotional release of communication in its purest form.
We carry the song, it breathes life into our hearts to release pure joy. In the traditions of the oral storytellers the song leads us through the journey of the ages to this very moment of time.

Highest of all shaman trainings is that of the, Singers of the Song Cycles. Striking a vibrational note, bringing all into a caravan of experience, babies are born elders depart hearts tumble as one. As Earth turns to face the Sun. The drum the heartbeat. The length of the song the time lovers embrace in ecstasy. the baby cooing the dove cooing the stars sing this song.

Agency to address the World

To be supported by the masters. To be at work with fellow colleagues. To absorb the rich tapestry of awareness and to smith the symbols. the artist transports the passengers through to new and wondrous windows of thought. A construction of reality, that each individual artist with his work, offers another footstep in the journey of Life.

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