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Yarn Painting

Contemporary folk art by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff

Timothy Emerson Hinchliff is a recognized shaman artist, self-trained and tutored in the contemporary folk art tradition known as Yarn Painting. In the early '70s, Timothy began his work in finding and redefining this art form, inspired by Hucihol traditions and the work of the late Ramon Medina Silva, known as the father of the yarn painting style.

A vast body of work Timothy's work is featured in countless collections and available from the artist's studio. His 1987 fourteen-piece "Circle of Angels" series can be seen at Rancho la Puerta resort, where he remains artist-in-residence.

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"Timothy's art is rooted in nature and magical storytelling that enables each viewer to see the expression of their own votive prayer."


What is yarn art?

Yarn paintings can be thought of as yarn mosaics.

Designed for centuries by the North American Native Huichol people, yarn paintings were originally votive prayer offerings, and have evolved into elaborate works of art depicting sacred stories and symbols.  

Today, yarn paintings are created on wooden surfaces, coated with a smooth layer of wax. Guide lines for a design are carved into the surface, then yarn is pressed into the wax, starting with outlines and continuing until all spaces are filled in.

The Tumblers

touch or position cursor over art to see close-up of yarn work

Presentations & Workshops

Timothy offers presentations about his votive folk arts, as well as hands-on workshops. Contact the artist for scheduling and arrangements.

Kits for Your Own Creations

Loved your workshop and want to try yarn painting yourself? Purchase a Soft Mosaic Yarn Painting Kit with specially prepared boards and optional crazy bag of assorted yarn colors.

Art in Collections & Galleries

As a master shaman-artist, Timothy's yarn paintings are featured in art collections worldwide.  These featured artworks are Timothy's largest and/or most detailed. Some works are available to be shown.

Art Available for Purchase

Countless collectors admire Timonthy's art. Fortunately, it's stlll possible to acquire a piece of your own.

Ready to find out more?

Contact Timothy about purchasing his unique, contemporary folk art.

(You can also buy supplies, or schedule a workshops or presentation.)