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Grandmother Corn Skirt

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
SIZE 49 x 37
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Quetzalcoatl wears feathers
Of corn leaves and ears of maize.
He fills the four corners of the universe
And bejewels the moments of each day.

Grandmother Corn skirt
Holds two corn mothers in her hand.
She shakes the rain rattle staff
Calling cloud bursts to water the corn.

From the womb the lineages she bears
Her crown fills the skies with rays.
All of the colors she skillfully weaves
Into each of the colors of maize.

Grandmother Corn Skirt sends herons a’wing
Dark gray cloud turns to white cloud of spring.

Chicomecoatl, seven serpent, maize’s birth day. Grandmother Corn Skirt, the bloodline of maize,
resides below the earth in the place of midnight rains. A corn tree of life is supported by her hat. Through the navel of the earth she is, Omecihuatl, the Lady of Two. Governing the realm of the corn sun. Grandmother Corn Skirt with rain rattle staff summons the herons. The blue heron fills the skies with heavy rain cloud. The white heron the clouds of cotton that fill the skies of blue. All of the sky colors she weaves into the many colors of corn. We welcome the corn mothers into our homes. After a period of niceties and due respect. Fates turn and they are ushered into the kitchens finding themselves boiling in pots. Grinding into the masa we shape into tortillas to roast on the comal.

So exhausted by such treatment the mothers retreat back to Grandmother Corn Skirt’s realm.
Hard pressed with hunger. The courtship begins again. With adoration for the new corn daughters we call with beautiful flowers and votives prayers from our hearts to you. Corn of mixed colors, red, white, yellow and blue planted in the folds of our mother earth’s soil.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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