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Four Waters

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
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The title, Four Waters is in honor of Tlaloc”s legendary four types of rain.

Ice rain, rain with cobwebs that causes rot, flood rain of destruction and rain of abundance.

The four jars bottom center contain these waters. They are placed at the foot of the temple of lightening bolts.

The heavy rainfall flows out of the cloud burst to the temple of lightening bolts.
Fire and water the ruling theme of Teotihuacan. The duality of existence requires this to renew life.

Tlaloc remains both a lord of warfare with lightening arrows and storms of destruction, as well as the lord of life giving waters. In the left corner is the temple of abundance with golden sun entwined with blue waters. Two ears of corn adorn the summit in honor of Cinteotl, the corn prince.

Tlaloc sits upon his seat of power. His head regalia connotes rainfall at night as in the day. It has fire as well as the two white heron feathers. In one hand corn in the other he holds the feathered serpent wand to bring forth the rain. Behind him is the rain mountain of Tlaloc.

In the later times of the Aztec/Mexica describe their origins as Aztlan. the seven caves or marshes of the heron. Summer of 2014, Timothy, visits Cuatro Cienagas in the state of Cahuilla Mexico. All the legendary ambiance of this location goes into several of his works including this piece “Four Waters”. This isolated oasis is known as the Galapagos islands of Mexico with hundreds of endemic animal and plant life. On one of the mesas overlooking the marshes the sacred deer spirit, peyote, grows.

Communing with this tutelary spirit guide places us upon the ancient road of the gods.

This piece is part of a set of 4 commissioned for a private collection. Not for sale.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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