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World Tree (Movement of Our Sun)

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
SIZE 61 x 37
PRICE US $ (contact artist to purchase)

Darkness of obsidian
Jaguars feed on the stars.
An age of Hurricanes
Of Fire Rain and then the flood.

The humble blemished one.
Through the navel of this world
The accelerating movement of the Sun.

World Tree Half in darkness
Hummingbird Warriors search for the light.
Echatl Quetalquatl went below
To retrieve bones from the ninth realm.

Sweet smell the soil Bone and precious stone
Water fresh than water salty
Winds like daggers between clashing hills
Double serpent of vibrant maw and marrow.

Precious twin escapes the twine
Up the world tree he will climb.
Cloud and moon sun and stars
A comet tail of cosmic storm and we arrive.

An horizon line where the earth is shaking
The gods are the days in a balancing game.
Oxomoco and her husband Cipactonal
Thirteen heavens multiplied The navel of the world.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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