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Old Gods

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
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The border of this piece portrays the two lords in their serpent nahuali (double or twin) form. The bottom is Quetzalcoatl and the top is of Tlaloc. Butterfly within the border portrays opposites joining to generate life. Within the serpent form of Tlaloc flashes lightening bolt with his tail the deadly point of his arrows. The lord of thunder cloud steps out with lightening in one hand and the vessel of waters flowing to water the corn.

Quetzalcoatl wears his wind god mask. He both sweeps the streets for the arrival of Tlaloc’s rain but can turn to oppose the arrival of rain. He wears his wind jewel upon his breast. Upon his belt rides a pouch of copal he burns in his incense burner. From his conical jaguar hat is the shin bone of death resurrected as flower bloom that attracts hummingbird. In full regalia the two old gods adjust the weather for the good or the naught.

The Earth lord Tlatecutli holds the waters in his subterranean realm. With rainbow painted upon his cheeks to reveal a paradise for the living that is but the bloom of a flower.

Sweet is this flower of consciousness and the light of Quetzalcoatl grows within us to fire the cosmic order. Warriors of the heart we must sustain this light or we slip into the dark ages.

Note: This piece is part of a set of 4 commissioned by a private collector.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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