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Two Mothers

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
SIZE 24 x 31
PRICE US $2800 (contact artist to purchase)

Melody of singing birds from the mount
Miracle of miracles two mothers lit the sky.
Of Cerro de Tepeyac her clothing was shining of the sun
Our Goddess Tonantzin Our Lady of Gaudalupe.

Each of our two mothers show tears
Tears to moistened the drought dry earth.
Tears for children who grew old before their years
Whose children’s children gave to us our birth.

A miracle of roses to behold
Rising from the winter solstice sun.
Two mothers one new and one from the old
The good straight road we follow upon.

The light of a million suns.
Shines through the hearts of everyone.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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