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The Tumblers

THEME Mexico's Old Gods
SIZE 39 x 33
PRICE US $ (contact artist to purchase)

There they go
Those old rain gods
Moving so fast across the sky.

Head over heels
They go on with their tumbling.

You know you know
Just where we go
In the afterworld when we die.

A drunk man holding the prize
His downfall right before his eyes
He goes right on in his stumbling.

A giant clap of thunder
A curtain of rain
Snow and a hail of ice.

An exit plan before the fall
A helping hand a wobble and a stall
A rain falls as the rain gods go tumbling.

Heaven on earth with lotus flowers and all
Only way to get there is a straight down fall.

Yarn Painting and Poem by Timothy Emerson Hinchliff
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